College Achievement Awards

Polanki’s annual College Achievement Awards recognize students who have demonstrated high achievement and who are committed to understanding, preserving, or disseminating Polish culture and or language.

Award criteria:

  • U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident
  • Junior, senior or graduate status during the applicable academic year in an accredited degree program
  • Wisconsin resident OR attending a Wisconsin college or university
  • Of Polish ancestry OR have studied Polish language, history, society, or culture OR significantly engaged in Polish culture
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA on a four-point scale preferred
  • Applicants are limited to no more than two awards in their academic career.

Past recipients may reapply:

  • As a graduate student if they previously received an award as an undergraduate
  • If they completed the course of study for which they previously received an award and are pursuing a new degree in another accredited degree program Awards:

The following awards may be offered in amounts ranging from $750 to $2000:

  • Vera Buczkowski Memorial Award for an outstanding student in any field
  • Copernicus Award for an outstanding student in a science field
  • David E. Fons, Sr. and Alice R. Fons Memorial Award for a student engaged in music
  • Robert J. Leonard Memorial Award for a student engaged in dance or theater
  • Victor Podlaski/UWM Polish Studies Award for a UW-Milwaukee student
  • Stanley F. and Helen Balcerzak Award and other specially-funded memorial awards for students in any field

NOTE: All applicants are automatically considered for all awards for which they meet the qualifications.

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