Message from our president

Witamy everyone!

First, I would like to say that I am honored to be the current president of this wonderful organization. Many strong women have preceded me in this role and they have all contributed to making Polanki the vibrant, successful group that it is today. I hope to continue that great tradition and do my part to keep Polanki members energized and excited as we pursue our yearly goals.

We often talk about Polanki and its focus on promoting Polish culture. Naturally, this is core to who we are and why our group exists. More importantly, however, Polanki is about its members. For example, I am constantly astonished at how cheerfully our members contribute in all kinds of roles by:

  • Becoming event chairpersons
  • Serving on committees
  • Locating and selecting our gift item inventory
  • Identifying opportunities for Polanki to explain Polish culture
  • Teaching classes on Polish topics
  • Volunteering at Polanki events

And the list goes on and on…

Even more striking is how our members are also friends.

  • Friends who teach us to cook cherished recipes
  • Friends who share our love of arts and culture
  • Friends who visit us when we’re in the hospital (and take care of our pets)
  • Friends who celebrate our successes with us
  • Friends who cheerfully work with us on Polanki projects long into the night

Friends that just plain care about us.

And that is what makes Polanki so special and why I am so proud to be part of this fantastic organization. If you are considering joining Polanki, please know that you are definitely welcome. And if you are already part of Polanki, thank you again for helping make Polanki the amazing group it is.

Camille Shaw