Book Club

Few things are better than curling up with a great book. Except maybe discussing it in depth with like-minded friends!

Polanki is pleased to offer a book club for its members and interested members of the public. If you like wonderful books and love Polish culture, we would be delighted to have you attend. We focus on fiction written by Polish authors, literature set in Poland, as well as some particularly fascinating non-fiction on Polish history.

Past titles have included:

  • The Lullaby of Polish Girls (Dagmara Dominczyk)
  • Push Not the River (James Conroyd Martin)

Our next meeting will be January 28, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. in the Polanki Library at the Polish Community Center and will feature The Doll by Boleslaw Prus.

Boleslaw Prus is often compared to Chekhov, and Prus’s masterpiece might be described as an intimate epic, a beautifully detailed, utterly absorbing exploration of life in late-nineteenth-century Warsaw, which is also a prophetic reckoning with some of the social forces—imperialism, nationalism, anti-Semitism among them—that would soon convulse Europe as never before. But The Doll is above all a brilliant novel of character, dramatizing conflicting ideas through the various convictions, ambitions, confusions, and frustrations of an extensive and varied cast. At the center of the book are three men from three different generations. Prus’s fatally flawed hero is Wokulski, a successful businessman who yearns for recognition from Poland’s decadent aristocracy and falls desperately in love with the highborn, glacially beautiful Izabela. Wokulski’s story is intertwined with those of the incorrigibly romantic old clerk Rzecki, nostalgic for the revolutions of 1848, and of the bright young scientist Ochocki, who dreams of a future full of flying machines and other marvels, making for a book of great scope and richness that is, as Stanisław Barańczak writes in his introduction, at once “an old-fashioned yet still fascinating love story . . . , a still topical diagnosis of society’s ills, and a forceful yet subtle portrayal of a tragically doomed man. (Amazon)

The meeting time and location will be posted on this page very soon; please check back closer to the book club date. In the meantime, email us to be contacted when the information is available.

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