Polanki Leadership

Polanki has thrived for many years due to the dedicated women who have volunteered their time to serve in leadership roles. Each and every leadership team member is focused on ensuring our organization continues to grow, while still meeting our core goals.

Our 2016 Leadership Team

Denna Flemming 414-897-7336

First Vice President
Anne Wal

Second Vice President
Laurie Ufnowski

Jean Wroblewski 414-405-7753

Recording Secretary
Jessica Ullstrup

Corresponding Secretary
Wanda Kosmalski 414-418-2203

Joanne Barndt 414-962-5634

Nadine Flemming 414-282-1872

Louise Cieslak 414-422-0652

Newsletter Editor
Geraldine Reszel 414-541-2433

Sunshine Chair
Edith Malson 414-744-9412

Auditing Committee
Heddy Moskaluk, Susan Konecny, Judy Chattin