Polish Costumes

Polanki members cherish their Polish folk costumes; you only have to glance around at our events to see that most of our members are wearing traditional clothing!

If you need to purchase your first folk costume or simply want to replace some worn accessories, you have multiple options, both here and abroad.

The online stores listed below are some of the best-known and best stocked with costumes from various regions. And if you are fortunate enough to travel to Poland, the first two listings also maintain retail stores as well.

  • Perfekt – This Krakow, Poland store is one of the leaders in traditional Polish folk costumes. They carry costumes from every region as well as nobleperson and highlander outfits.
  • Polski Stroje Ludowe – This Chelmo, Poland store also carries costumes from every region. In addition, they carry a full line of accessories, such as hats and shoes.
  • Polart Center – This US-based store carries shoes, accessories, and traditional fabrics for those who prefer to make their own costumes.

In addition, be sure to check eBay periodically; many folk dance troupe participants sell their older costumes when they purchase a new one. This can be a great opportunity to obtain an outfit at a fraction of the cost.

If you simply want to honor Polanki or wear Polanki-branded apparel to work at one of our events, review your apparel options here and contact anyone on the board to order a shirt.

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