Polanki Cookbook Submissions

Did your babcia bake the best chleb zwykly na zakwzsie on the planet? Did your Ciocia Ewa make an amazing kaczka z wisniami? Are you willing to share those precious recipes with others who love Polish cuisine?

Polanki is always searching for those fantastic traditional Polish recipes to add to our cookbook. We sell this cookbook at all our events and it has proven over the years to be one of our customers’ favorite gift items. Help us make this wonderful cookbook even better.

Email us to submit your recipe and remember to include the following:

  • Name (English and Polish, if possible)
  • Recipe owner (this your chance to make your grandmother famous)
  • Ingredients (US measurements, if possible)
  • Instructions, including oven settings and timings, as well as special instructions on cooking techniques if needed
  • Any story about the recipe, including memories or comments, that you want to include


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