Join Polanki

Interested in becoming a Polanki member?

We have several membership options:

Active Members 

Ready to jump in and get involved? We welcome anyone over the age of 18 (male or female) who is interested in Polish culture and the promotion of Polanki’s mission and goals. To become an active member, you must:

  • Attend at least half of the monthly meetings each year
  • Participate in at least three events each year, i.e. PIerogi Dinner, Soup Festival, Holiday Folk Fair, etc.
  • Contribute annual dues of $10.00

Your membership becomes active after you attend two consecutive meetings and your application is approved by the board and Polanki members.

Sustaining Members 

Little less free time?  You are still welcome to participate in Polanki as a sustaining member. We won’t require you to work at events (though you are certainly always welcome) and you won’t have voting privileges, but you will always be invited to all Polanki activities. To become a sustaining member, you must:

  • Contribute annual dues of $20.00

Your membership becomes active after the board accepts your dues.

Honorary Members 

While you cannot register to become an honorary member, Polanki occasionally grants honorary memberships to people who have:

  • Supported Polanki’s work in an outstanding manner (or)
  • Made significant contributions to the development of Polish cultural awareness in the Milwaukee community

If you know someone who you feel meets this criteria, you are welcome to submit their name for consideration.